Paint & Stucco

Why Painting Matters


The truth of the matter is, painting holds both aesthetic and functional advantages, both long term and immediate. Exterior paint on your home objectively increases the value of your home and is something most appraisers look for immediately. The average financial return of a recent painting job when appraising your house is 140%, which means investing in a painting renovation of $1000 would earn you an additional $400 on average towards your home’s value during an appraisal. Fresh paint can also help protect your home in multiple ways. The correct paint used properly can shield your home from the elements, preventing you from having to make costly repairs to the siding of your home. Properly applied paint and siding can also help stop insect damage to the foundation and framing of your home, preventing expensive and invasive repairs. We can assist with making the right paint for your home is used every time and picking out the right colors for you to come home to each day.




If you’re a homeowner in south Florida, chances are your home is using stucco. Stucco exteriors, ceilings, trim and walls are all common in our area. Stucco is a versatile material, aiding in protecting homes in a virtual maintenance-free manner. Stucco’s biggest draw back? It can be one of the most back-breaking, time consuming, tedious jobs, and is notorious for being a curse among all DIY projects. Our licensed and insured team has a history of getting stucco work done quickly and correctly, maintaining the aesthetics and integrity of your home. Our stucco team will make sure your stucco work is done with as little impact as possible. Stucco work can be messy work, but our team has the knowledge and experience to make sure your work is done cleanly and efficiently.